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Is baptism your next step in following Jesus?

God created humanity out of the overflow of his love. The first humans, though, didn’t trust God’s love and rebelled against him. After that, we believe that every person has sinned and fallen short of how God would have us live. Sin, simply put, is living as if God doesn’t have our best in mind. As a result of sin, our relationship with God is broken.

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, every person has the opportunity to enter into a saving relationship with Jesus. When we enter this relationship, we accept Jesus as our Savior and our Lord. It gets better though. We don’t have to follow Jesus alone. We get to follow him in relationship with others and with the Holy Spirit, his presence and power inside of us.

Water baptism symbolizes our new life in Jesus. This new life comes from dying to ourselves and taking on the life only possible in Jesus. Baptism does not make you a follower of Jesus; but it shows you are already following Him.

It doesn’t mean you are perfect or you are done growing, it means you are surrendered to Jesus and his ongoing work in your life.

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